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- {Present ~ Waiting to go back to work} -

~ A bit of Me ~
Student - Tea Barista - Sales Assoiciate
[ 22 - f - asian ]
this is a personal blog; containing anything that I personally like as entertainment or beauty
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-- uniquexneko ( 1st )
and a few smurfs (2?)

Warframe - MichiyoKuroda

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With Love ♥
— Since school has started..

I’m going to be temporarily HIATUS since I need to focus a little more on my studies… I’ll be letting the last bit of my Queue to deplete of all that is there. Going to be temporarily hiatus until I have all my school work sorted out. »” No more distractions —   =^= trying to be strict with myself to get shit together…

This is going to be my last post of my queue. 
Will be back when my shit is fixed..



By : mrhayata